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The Evolution of Forgotten Felines of The Florida Keys

While we are the new crew of Forgotten Felines of the Florida Keys, it was established almost three decades ago by local concerned citizens.

Cat Head

Forgotten Felines of the the Florida Keys was established back in 1997 by concerned middle keys residents.  They came together and realized the ongoing issue of homeless cats and took charge and started the nonprofit.  
The nonprofit was passed down to Elise Mucha and Megan Hughes after Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Since then, we carried on the duties of their legacy.

Moving forward, we have established a newer nonprofit, Forgotten Felines of the Florida Keys Inc.  We are still doing the same work; swtiched up the board, and are working to be more involved with todays society, getting more involved with the public and working even harder to be the heart of our Forgotten Felines.

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